10/06/14 Support for Stormwater 1B

One of the major goals of Colorado Springs Forward (CSF) is to help address and support improvements in our region’s infrastructure. Companies looking to move to Colorado Springs, and existing companies that are thinking of expanding here, view the quality of the region’s streets, bridges, parks, water supply, and yes, storm water flood controls as important and critical considerations when making their location decision to add jobs. Therefore, the CSF board has been engaged in, and has studied, the Stormwater Ballot Initiative 1B, and has voted to support it. We encourage you to do likewise.

The lack of attention to our drainage ways, channels, and aging flood control structures has been a problem for many years and has now caught up with us. Something must be done! The Stormwater Citizen Task Force spent over two years analyzing the storm water problem and has recommended a solution which has the support of the majority of Colorado Springs City Council, the County Commissioners, Green Mountain Falls, Manitou Springs, and the City of Fountain. The list of identified projects will address problems throughout the region – in every part of the city – as well as in surrounding areas. This is a regional issue and must be solved regionally.p. Some argue that this proposal fails to address all of our needs—but there are no perfect plans. We can wait no longer, and must begin to rebuild our region’s infrastructure now. This solution will make a positive difference. With the recent fires and floods that this region has experienced in the last two years, the problem has only gotten worse. It’s time to fix it.

Please join CSF in supporting the Stormwater Ballot Initiative by not only voting for it, but getting others to do so as well. To find out more information regarding this issue, and how you can help, please go to www.pikespeakstormwater.org.

Thank You,

The Colorado Springs Forward Board and Staff – Kathy Loo, Phil Lane, Bob Cutter, Lisa Tessarowicz, Gene Renuart, Tom Neppl, Doug Stimple, John Cassiani, William Mutch