11/13/14 City for Champions Update

This is an update from Monday’s City Council meeting where City for Champions “C4C” was discussed. The agenda had Joel Miller’s ordinance noticed for discussion and a possible vote from Council. Keith King introduced a different ordinance prior to the meeting, and Colorado Springs Forward, “CSF”, supports Mr. King’s new ordinance. Both ordinances would require a vote of the public in April to decide if a ballot issue approval would be necessary before City funds could be expended for a downtown sports and event center. The reason CSF supports Keith King’s ordinance is that it is specific regarding a sports and event center just for City for Champions, and it has the provision that if any City sales tax or general fund dollars are to be used for the sports and event center, then a vote of the public needs to take place and a ballot approval needs to occur before these public funds are used. Joel Miller’s ordinance does not have these specific requirements and is too far reaching with consequences that CSF cannot support.

Since Keith King’s ordinance had just been introduced prior to the Council meeting, there was a motion from Council to postpone the discussion and vote until Mr. King’s ordinance had a chance to be reviewed by the City Attorney’s office and the language be refined to make sure it met the requirements of a City ordinance. CSF supported the postponement. Council voted 5–4 to postpone to December 9th, at which time both the Joel Miller ordinance and the Keith King ordinance will be discussed and most likely both be voted on by Council, with only one surviving.

CSF’s position was that a vote was not needed at this time and that a change to the City Charter was not necessary. The reason CSF supports a vote now is that five members of City Council signed a pledge for a vote before City funds were to be used for the C4C sports and event center. They decided that a vote must be taken now (April) and with that recent decision by Council, CSF had no choice but to evaluate the ordinances and support the better one, which is Keith King’s. CSF encourages you to stay involved with this issue and attend the December 9th Council meeting.

Colorado Springs Forward