12/04/14 CSF Supports C4C Vision

Colorado Springs Forward supports the vision of City for Champions (C4C) that consists of the following four projects:
U.S. Olympic Museum located downtown
Sports Medicine and Performance Center at UCCS
outside-the-gate Visitor Center at the Air Force Academy
Sports and Event Center located downtown
We think that these four projects could help redefine our City and help lead to the reenergizing of our economy and our downtown. A vibrant downtown with anticipated new retail, condos, and apartments next to the U.S. Olympic Museum and Sports and Event Center would help attract people who want to live in an urban environment. It would attract young people who want a “happening” downtown and who can live, work, and play in the downtown area. We believe it would also attract many more visitors from both outside the Pikes Peak Region and locals who just don’t make downtown one of their usual options for entertainment or dining. The new Air Force Academy Visitor Center and the UCCS Sports Medicine and Performance Center are also expected to be an economic boom for our community.

The most controversial C4C project is the downtown Sports and Event Center, mainly because the plan of exactly what it will be and how it will work has yet to be defined. The planning of this project is in the initial stages, and is expected to take over a year to complete the design, which will include:
identification of whom the users will be and what events will be scheduled
determination of the capacity of the center
calculation of a fair and reasonable total cost estimate for development of the center
explanation of the necessary accompanying infrastructure
The feasibility of building and operating this project must be able to prove that it will be an economically successful venture, with a long-term viability. If the numbers work and the plan makes sense, then we believe that the community should get behind C4C… and Colorado Springs Forward will help lead that effort.

Certainly, if any City sales tax or general fund dollars are to be used for this public-private venture, a vote of the people will be required to approve the use of those dollars. But it is only by prudently doing this initial planning that we will know the true amount of the public dollar expenditure.

City Council plans to vote in January on a proposal to require a vote on the Sports and Event Center on the April ballot. City Council President Keith King has drafted a proposal that is specific to just this downtown C4C project and will require a vote of the people if any City sales tax or general fund dollars are used for this project.

Colorado Springs Forward generally supports Mr. King’s proposal, but asks that it not become a City Charter Amendment, rather, that it be put on the April 2015 ballot as a Resolution or Ordinance. This April ballot measure is a vote to ensure that a future vote will be required once the Sports and Event Center plan is finalized and approved, should any City sales tax or general fund dollars be required to build the project.

Colorado Springs Forward