Mayoral Endorsement

Colorado Springs Forward endorses John Suthers for Mayor 

At this crucial time in Colorado Springs when we must get the Mayoral and Council elections right, we are fortunate to have three strong candidates for Mayor who have a long-demonstrated history of supporting our community. They are: Mary Lou Makepeace, Amy Lathen, and John Suthers. Each of them has been elected to high-profile positions, in which they’ve done outstanding work, and we appreciate their offers to serve as Mayor.

Yet after much discussion and thought, Colorado Springs Forward (CSF) has chosen to endorse John Suthers for Mayor. John’s unique background and skill set will allow him to be the “game changer” this City needs to move it forward. The following values are why we endorsed John:

  1. Connectedness – Having lived in Colorado Springs his entire life, John is connected to our community and loves Colorado Springs. In addition, he brings something the other candidates cannot: an immediate connectedness to Denver and other areas of the State, as well as in Washington D.C. Having been our State’s Attorney General, John has outstanding political contacts in the Governor’s Office, as well as in the State Legislature, and has national contacts from his interaction with other states’ attorney generals and governors. Our City has not had this connectedness before, and CSF believes this will bode well for our stature and respect as we move forward.
  2. Credibility – John has held several high-profile positions from his days as an attorney in Colorado Springs, his position as Director of Corrections for Colorado, where he managed 6,000 employees, and as Attorney General for the State of Colorado. He has done all of these jobs well and with the highest integrity. John has earned the respect of the residents of Colorado and would bring instant credibility to Colorado Springs as Mayor of our City.
  3. Collaborative – John has proven that he can sit down with people, who may not agree with him or his positions, and with his collaborative demeanor, reach a result that can move the process forward in a non-combative way. He knows how important it will be to reach out to members of City Council and City staff to be able to re-instill trust and create an atmosphere of cooperation to work together in the best interests of the City and the region.
  4. Cognizant – John understands the financial, political, and community issues affecting our City and already has ideas on how to address our most critical local and regional problems. We feel that he will have a very strong team of high-caliber people ready to go to work for him from day one.

“I am honored to have the endorsement of Colorado Springs Forward,” said John Suthers. “Working together, I believe we can do great things for our city.”