Standards of Engagement

Colorado Springs Forward is committed to positive and constructive communications throughout all venues. Likewise, we expect (and will enforce) that contributors to our community respectfully adhere to the following standards of conduct in their communications.

  1. Maintain civil discourse. In your conversations with us and others on our social platforms, please be courteous in the way you address those with whom you are communicating. We are focused on creating unity not division. While there are plenty of other venues where hostile “venting” is commonplace, Colorado Springs Forward will promote and require civil discourse.
  2. Respect the opinions of others. The sensitive nature of business, economics, public policy and politics frequently breeds passionate stances, thus, varied and opposing viewpoints are expected and desirable in order to move Colorado Springs forward.  Because we want to promote an environment where all points of view are welcomed in order to find the best solutions, dialogue on Colorado Springs Forward social platforms must respect the right of others to have and express their views, therefore berating and name-calling will not be allowed.
  3. Do not post offensive content. Any verbal or visual messages that include profanity, violence, nudity or prejudice will be removed.
  4. Refrain from sharing personal information. Whether it belongs to you or another person, please do not compromise anyone’s privacy or security by publicly revealing private or personal information without permission.
  5. Be yourself and credit others. Be respectful of the identity and property of others by contributing only as yourself and not with fake names or profiles. In addition, do not claim ownership of intellectual or physical property belonging to someone else.
  6. Do not solicit other community members. In order to respect the privacy and security of each Colorado Springs Forward contributor, please do not contact them without their permission for any personal profit or commercial purposes.
  7. Be constructive! Moving Colorado Springs forward will take a united team effort. We encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions according to these guidelines and look forward to how our conversations can stir positive change in our city.

Failure to comply with these standards and/or repeated violations may result in termination of membership, removal of comments and/or banning from future posting on Colorado Springs Forward platforms.

Thank you!

Colorado Springs Forward Team