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Colorado Springs Forward is a broad-based alliance of people and organizations that care deeply and are committed to the success of the Pikes Peak region. Our individual members and member organizations have demonstrated a profound interest in all aspects of our community. We pledge an ongoing investment of time, energy and resources to protect and enhance the business climate and the quality of life across the greater Colorado Springs region so that we may all enjoy a dynamic and vibrant community that we are proud to call home. That’s not all, though. Find out more about CSF »

Pillars of Our Community

Colorado Springs Forward Focus Areas

A Peek Into Our History



Colorado Springs Forward was incorporated on April 18, 2014 as a 501(c)(6) organization.


Forging a Mission

Major regional business organizations as well as numerous business leaders and philanthropists refined a concept of an umbrella organization to drive action through broad collaboration. The primary focus was to achieve significant growth in the local economy by leveraging the extensive talent and assets across the Colorado Springs community. This process involved meeting with elected officials and other partner organizations to receive input and feedback as the Colorado Springs Forward mission evolved.


Community Call to Action

A community call to action signed by over 500 people was published in the local media on September 4, 2014 and the work of Colorado Springs Forward commenced.


John Suthers for Mayor of Colorado Springs

2015 - Colorado Springs Forward supports John Suthers for Mayor of Colorado Springs, embarking on unprecedented collaboration and new administrative and executive leverage. Colorado Springs Forward also supports 2 of 3 successful City Council candidates.


2c Passed

2015 – Colorado Springs Forward leads the campaign for 2C, a 0.62% sales tax initiative dedicated strictly to road improvements and repairs. The initiative has a 5-year sunset and passed overwhelmingly with 65% of the vote.


El Paso County Commissioner Support

2016 – Colorado Springs Forward supports 2 of 3 successful El Paso County Commissioner candidates, establishing a strong business-minded board

Meet the Board

"My hope for Colorado Springs Forward is that we can be a catalyst for change in our community.  One important way for CSF to do this is to genuinely work together with others who have similar goals and desires for our community. For too long we have heard of silos and turf wars. My goal is to get past this and authentically work together with individuals and groups who believe in prosperity in Colorado Springs."  -Phil Lane, Chairman

Lynette Crow-Iverson

Chairman of the Board

Phil Lane

Board Member

Kathy Loo

Board Member

Douglas Stimple

Board Member

Tom Neppl

Board Member

Dan Stuart

Board Member

Fletcher Howard

Board Member

Laura Neumann

Board Member

Larry Yonkers

Board Member

Contributions: Why This Matters!

In addition to the work that we do in the political realm, Colorado Springs Forward believes in supporting our community as a whole and seeks out initiatives and opportunities to help coalesce the private business community in efforts to reach individuals and neighborhoods. All of the work that we do to positively lead and guide strong economic development ultimately impacts every individual by increasing opportunities for them to be independent and provide for themselves and their families. This is fundamental to community prosperity and as long-time, long-invested, long-passionate members of this amazing city, we wish to do all we can to positively move the needle.

Our Collaborators

We work to create partnerships and establish relationships, which promote our vision of Colorado Springs being an extraordinary place to live, work and play. We do not wish to create redundancies, but to work together in unique ways with so many others in our communities who share this vision.

We are grateful for powerful partnerships. They each enhance community, prosperity and leadership in a variety of ways.

These partnerships in no way shape or form constitute agreement or involvement in candidate endorsements. Colorado Springs Forward makes candidate endorsements entirely independently and does not expect or imply that partners support or engage in any of our political action committee work.

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