About Colorado Springs Forward


To re-establish Colorado Springs as the most inviting and respected city in which to live, work and play.


Colorado Springs Forward will unite the citizens, communities and organizations of the Pikes Peak region to educate, collaborate and coordinate so that, together, we can effectively address the challenges and opportunities faced by our region. With a sense of urgency, we will lead with words and actions so that together we can reach our full potential and an excellent quality of life.

Who We Are

Colorado Springs Forward is a broad-based alliance of people and organizations that care deeply and are committed to the success of the Pikes Peak region. Our individual members and member organizations have demonstrated a profound interest in all aspects of our community. We pledge an ongoing investment of time, energy and resources to protect and enhance the business climate and the quality of life across the greater Colorado Springs region so that we may all enjoy a dynamic and vibrant community that we are proud to call home.

What We Believe

The fabric of America is woven with innovation, independence and opportunity. Colorado Springs is no different. We, at Colorado Springs Forward understand what it means to establish business and hire people. We understand the many factors which play a role in supporting free enterprise and empowering individuals with jobs. We want a community where more people can become job creators and where entrepreneurs can thrive.

Here in the Pikes Peak Region, we live in a spectacular natural location which we must protect, enhance and promote.

We have many "jewels" in our region which we must support – Garden of the Gods Park, The United States Olympic Committee and training center, five critical military establishments, UCCS, The Broadmoor, Colorado College and all the businesses and people who are here today including our legacy of volunteerism and our strong non-profit community.

  • A vibrant municipality must have an excellent business climate
  • A healthy economy provides job opportunities for people to achieve their full potential
  • Access to a well-paid job is an essential element to improving quality of life
  • Well-funded and well-maintained infrastructure is essential to the success and safety of our community
  • A strong and growing export economy provides the tax base to fund our community
  • Well-trained and educated young professionals are our future and need to be encouraged to live here
  • Electing politicians who share our vision and core values is critical to the success of our region
  • Diversity and inclusion strengthen our community
  • Holding elected officials accountable is something they should expect and that we must do
  • We must foster our extraordinary arts culture and socially diverse atmosphere
  • A connected community is a strong community
  • Together we must support free enterprise, embrace job creation, consider the merits of new, exciting economic development opportunities, openly communicate, deal with challenges, take action and assess outcomes…..quickly and effectively

How We Accomplish Our Mission

  • We will not duplicate existing organizations and the functions they fulfill
  • We will collaborate with other community organizations and individuals
  • We will take an informed leadership position on major community issues
  • We will bring together and engage people across the Pikes Peak region
  • We will actively engage on legislation and ballot issues that affect our community by providing a powerful, collective voice for the non-elected leadership of the region

Our Core Values

  • Community success above individual gain
  • Open, honest and respectful two-way communication
  • Trust and respect for others
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Citizen involvement and engagement with local government

Our Goals For The Region

  1. A growing and vibrant economy that provides excellent job opportunities for our citizens
  2. A well-functioning, efficient and effective council-mayor form of government
  3. Adequate public investment is available to meet community infrastructure needs
  4. Protect and fortify the existing military presence in our region against sequestration or base realignment proposals
  5. Competitive, low-risk utilities now and in the future
  6. Support the vision of City for Champions

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Colorado Springs, CO 80903