City for Champions: We Support Mayor Suthers

The City for Champions project included four catalytic projects, which originated from the private sector as an overall idea to leverage new development for tourist attraction and new economic activity in our region. This proposal never contemplated any new taxes or indebtedness to City or County general funds.

Colorado Springs Forward hired an independent, third party consultant out of Chicago to study the downtown proposal and provide their opinion on whether or not this plan, as proposed, would be financially stable. Colorado Springs Forward has been extremely supportive of these projects and the potential that they represent, but only if the numbers make sense and if the public is supportive. This is why we funded this independent study and pledged to share the results, regardless of what they indicate.

At this time, the independent study shows that the proposal for the downtown sports and events complex would likely need new public support and we agree with Mayor John Suthers, in that this is not the appropriate time to ask the public to consider such support.

We are thrilled that another private sector proposal stands ready to step in with another catalytic project, which would also leverage tourism support, but at a much lower level and without any need for new public support.

Colorado Springs Forward stands ready to assist and support Mayor Suthers and the private sector individuals who have proposed to move our National World War II Aviation Museum to downtown Colorado Springs! We are excited about this potential and will continue to share information as it develops. We continue to support economic development projects, which will add profitable activity and jobs to our region in a responsible and synergistic manner. For more information on Colorado Springs Forward, click here.

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