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CSF Supporters,

Since September of 2017, Colorado Springs Forward has engaged with Pamela Shockley-Zalabak to assist our board in planning for 2018 and beyond. Pam conducted numerous interviews and focus groups, culminating in a report to our board this past January. Several important observations (and projects) emerged from the work, but we believe our efforts are best spent focused on three things.

First, we will continue to engage in important community initiatives involving the long-term health of our region. These have included in the past our work in supporting infrastructure improvements and good governance. Both are pillars we established from the outset of Colorado Springs Forward and we will continue to be active in this area. In the near term, we hope to be involved in the strategic planning around LART, and in the longer term we plan to initiate a process to consider alternative funding strategies for our Park System.

Second, we believe there is an unmet need to consistently convene civic leaders and set priorities for Colorado Springs. There are many outstanding organizations doing great work, but we believe ongoing, regular dialogue around specific outcomes can enhance these efforts. We plan to engage with specific organizations who participated in Pam’s work to identify ways in which we can help them advance their goals. Our initial focus will be on the Greenway Fund and the Legacy Loop.

Finally, there are some efforts underway or being planned that simply need financial support. Consistent with our operating principles and our donors’ intent, we will selectively sponsor organizations and efforts that we believe can make a difference. One example of this is our ongoing support of the Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance.

It is not our intent at this time to hire staff. Our efforts will continue to be board driven. To that end, we plan to make a concerted effort in the next 60-90 days to grow our board from 6 members to 11.

On behalf of the Board of CSF, I want to thank all of you who participated in our outreach project in late 2017. Our intent was first to listen, and then to identify our path forward. There is tremendous momentum in Colorado Springs and the surrounding region and we look forward to working alongside all of you in the coming months.

Phil Lane
Chairman of the Board

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