Focus Areas

Colorado Springs Forward is a broad-based alliance of people and organizations that care deeply and are committed to the success of the Pikes Peak region. To accomplish our mission, we actively engage on legislation and ballot issues that affect our community by providing a powerful, collective voice for the non-elected leadership of the region.

Vibrant Economy

Every day we see and hear information about the global, national, state and local economies. It is difficult to determine what all this talk means to our city, region and us as citizens of Colorado Springs. Perhaps the short answer is “a lot”. Read more »

Our Government

The city charter of Colorado Springs is owned by the citizens of the city, not elected officials. We need to honestly examine whether amendments are required to improve the performance of our government. Read more »

Investing in Infrastructure

The infrastructure of a city affects many aspects of everyday life. Locally, funding for capital infrastructure comes from many sources. Read more »

The Military

The Pikes Peak region has long been home to large military installations. El Paso County is unique as the only county in the nation that is home to five military commands: Fort Carson, United States Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base and Cheyenne Mountain. Read more »

Colorado Springs Utilities — Low-Cost, Low-Risk Utilities

Our municipally-owned utility company has been a source of pride for decades. Today, our long-time competitive advantage for electricity and water rates is eroding compared to other municipalities along the Front Range and beyond. Read more »

City for Champions

There are four specific, regional projects which make up the entire City For Champions initiative.  They present high impact advancements for our partners in our military community, higher education institutions, Olympic venues, sports medicine, sports recreation, downtown development, private sector growth and much, much more.  These partnerships represent years of collaborative, catalytic work on a state-wide and national basis, to increase our economic capacity right here in the Pikes Peak region and bring new visitors and dollars into our local community. Read more »