History and Background

Colorado Springs Forward was born out of the frustration with the performance and dysfunctionality of local government observed in 2013.  Many individuals and organizations attempted to confront and address the situation without success, or see a path for resolution, to help the region move forward to reach its potential.  In April 2014, several of these civic leaders and community organizations shared their experiences and realized that only through unity, collaboration and a passion for action could the significant challenges facing the Pikes Peak region be addressed.

Colorado Springs Forward was incorporated on April 18, 2014 as a 501(c)(6) organization.

The Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance and the Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs, along with community leaders including Bob Cutter, Chris Jenkins, Phil Lane, Kathy Loo, Tom Neppl, William Mutch, Doug Quimby, Kae Rader and Doug Stimple, refined the concept of an umbrella organization to drive action through broad collaboration. The primary focus was to achieve significant growth in the local economy by leveraging the extensive talent and assets across the Colorado Springs community. This process involved meeting with elected officials and other partner organizations to receive input and feedback as the Colorado Springs Forward mission evolved.

A community call to action signed by over 500 people was published in the local media on September 4, 2014 and the work of Colorado Springs Forward commenced.

The genesis of Colorado Springs Forward goes back further and deeper than just the political strife in 2013/2014. There are many initiatives and successful community collaborations that will form part of the foundation of our work going forward.

Harwood Institute with PPUW


PPUW Harwood Overview.pdf

Community Narratives from PPUW Community Conversation.pdf

ULI Study for Downtown

ULI Panel Report.pdf

ULI_Panel Briefing Book.pdf

Imagine Downtown

Imagine Downtown Final Plan of Development.pdf

Imagine Downtown Plan – 2012 Update.pdf

Pikes Peak Sustainability Project – “Looking to Our Future – Pikes Peak Region 2030” (PPR 2030)

Looking to Our Future – Pikes Peak Region 2030.pdf

Operation 6035

Operation 60ThirtyFive Action Plan.pdf

Operation 60ThirtyFive Implementation Matrix.pdf

Cultural Plan for the Pikes Peak Region

Cultural Plan for the Pikes Peak Region 2010.pdf

Sustainable Funding Committee

Sustainable Funding Committee Final Report.pdf

Dream City

Dream City 50 Vision Statements.pdf

Center For Regional Advancement

Leaders Report.pdf