Public Input Needed for Colorado Springs Utility Board Governance

April 1, 2016

Hello Colorado Springs Forward supporters and community partners,

The Colorado Springs City Council, acting as the governing board of Colorado Springs Utilities, has been going through a public process on considering a separate Board of Directors to govern our multi-million-dollar municipally owned utility. As part of the process, there will be a session with the Utilities Board for public input on April 5th, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at the Colorado Springs City Hall.

Colorado Springs Forward is supporting the creation of a separate board to govern the utility, believing as the City continues to grow, that City Council and the utility functions should both merit their own focused oversight. We also believe any new separate board should be given the appropriate level of authority to do their job for the utility – most specifically both responsibility for their budget and for the setting of utility rates.

During a meeting on March 25th, 7 members of the utilities board agreed that the conversation toward a separate governing board should continue, and the next steps would involve substantial public outreach about whether or not there is public support for a separate board, and how such members of any newly organized board would be chosen. An April 7th, 2017 City election has been identified as the most appropriate time to go to the ballot asking the voters of Colorado Springs to approve this change.

To the question of choosing board members, the next series of public discussions will focus on how such a separate board should be comprised and if those members should be elected, appointed, or some combination of the two systems? Colorado Springs Forward is seeking input from our investors and supporters on this topic, and is most interested in finding a method to identify the best-qualified members of a new separate board, who would also have the time to dedicate to the utilities board. While we believe there is substantial merit to the appointment process for finding well-qualified people to serve the community with the utility, we are dedicated to hearing suggestions for the best system, as well as evaluating other structures from other municipally owned utilities.

Colorado Springs Forward will plan to provide input during this public hearing, and would encourage members of the community to attend and share their opinions as well.

Please contact William Mutch with Colorado Springs Forward at 720-308-3497 for more information about this public meeting.

Thank you for your continued support.

Lynette Crow-Iverson
Chairwoman of the Board of Directors