Contributions: Why This Matters!

A well-functioning political infrastructure has a direct impact on the economic vitality of our region. This includes our federal officials all the way to local school boards. Existing businesses contemplating growth here or businesses considering relocation to Colorado Springs will be hesitant if it appears we do not have our act together. In 2013, our political infighting was causing tangible problems for the community. This was the inspiration for the formation of CSF.

While we will take position on issues, endorse candidates and actively engage in campaigns, it is our hope to be a resource to those in public office. We have no illusions that elected officials will always agree with our positions, but through dialogue and compromise, we believe we can find common ground on important issues that have the potential to move our region forward. Some local and regional politics are non-partisan. The lens through which we evaluate candidates and issues is how they will impact the business climate and to determine if they are good for the region as a whole.

We seek strong, open relationship with our elected leaders and hope to be a resource for them on important community issues.

Colorado Springs Forward unites business interests throughout our community and seeks to support and build relationships with individuals running for and serving in office who understand the incredible asset of a well-run, business-minded, community-supportive, free-market led local governance structure.

We have:

  • Engaged in candidate elections.
  • Educated officials on the roles and responsibilities they have to local businesses and their constituents.
  • Engaged in local policies which have an impact on job creation, hiring, construction, regulations, long-term best practices and economic advancement for our city.
  • Filled a gap, using private sector funding, to support and influence elections using business principles as our guide.
  • Coalesced a broad voice of passionate citizens to a mission of bold, visionary leadership and a future of prosperity.

In addition to the work that we do in the political realm, Colorado Springs Forward believes in supporting our community as a whole and seeks out initiatives and opportunities to help coalesce the private business community in efforts to reach individuals and neighborhoods.  All of the work that we do to positively lead and guide strong economic development ultimately impacts every individual by increasing opportunities for them to be independent and provide for themselves and their families.  This is fundamental to community prosperity and as long-time, long-invested, long-passionate members of this amazing city, we wish to do all we can to positively move the needle.

Please consider any amount of financial support to Colorado Springs Forward in order to advance these critical pillars. Anything from $5 to $5,000 and more, will go strictly to the mission of advancing policy, leadership and initiatives in this community that will enhance a thriving, prosperous business environment and community life.

Colorado Springs Forward is singularly positioned to lead on policy and leadership from such a focused position. As you have done before, we ask that you join us once again.

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